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About Jean

I may be a VA girl now, but I will never give up my Texas roots. My favorite things are Texas music, Texas BBQ, Texas hospitality and Bluebonnets in the spring.

What started as a way to help my son cope with his Autistic Spectrum Disorder turned into a successful business that sparked my passion for helping others. For the last 10 years I have been offering all natural meal solutions, menu planning and cooking classes for those who have special dietary requirements or are just looking for healthier products to cook with. I have recently partnered with Epicure , the leading all natural food company in Canada as they launched in the US. I am passionate about helping people eat Real Food, Real Fast and working with those who are interested in building a business in the food market.

It was my father that taught me about #epic living. His example at the end of his life planted a seed in my heart about the need to make the most out of every day. Even when that day was bad…it could be #epic.

My motto is “It’s all about the story” and I believe that everyone has a story that deserves to be told. I want to help people find their story and find a way to tell it to those who most need to hear it.

My goal is to always help others be the best versions of themselves and in doing so, make the world a better place.


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